Devi is the Goddess in her many forms...
and the Devi Collective is a safe and accessible space for us to Offer our gifts to the world…

Our intention is to provide a supportive home base for empowered, entrepreneurial-minded people to cultivate their personal gifts, creative passions and wellbeing. Devi Collective is a soul-centered project that is run entirely by volunteers and work-exchange community members. While our primary aim is to offer women a safe and accessible space to share their gifts, we welcome everyone, no matter how they identify. All people are welcome here!


Join the Devi Collective:


    The Devi Collective maintains an abundant schedule of daily yoga & movement classes, weekly workshops & events, as well as private holistic treatments & services. To learn more about our Client Memberships please visit our Membership Page. To book a Holistic Treatment or Private Yoga Class visit our Services Page.


    Devi is a home for practitioners to thrive and grow. To learn more about our Teacher & Healer programs visit our Membership Page.

    • To lead a workshop or special event with us OR for more information on how to become an official contributing space holder within the Devi Collective you can reach out to Nicole at

    • To teach yoga with us please contact Katia at

    • To Volunteer at our Community Reiki Events or to Participate in our Reiki Programing please email Nicole at


    Devi is ran entirely by volunteers and karma exchange members! None of this is possible without you! Read more about all the perks of being a Karma Staff Member on our Membership Page.

    • Karma Exchange members of our community receive unlimited access to yoga classes, community reiki, reiki shares, community events and also receive a 20% discount on rentals, workshops & trainings in exchange for 12 work trade hours per month. To apply or receive more info on our Karma Exchange Program please reach out to Nicole at

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