We aren’t just a yoga studio and our seeker memberships aren’t just for yoga.

Our holistic membership options give you access to our abundant yoga schedule AND our monthly community workshops and events!

Class Packages include all Weekly Classes, Community Workshops and Monthly Events listed at $22 or less.

  • Intro Special: 2 Weeks Unlimited for $40

  • $108 - Monthly Unlimited Autopay* (6 month commitment)
    *also includes a 15% discount on services and trainings

  • $140 - Monthly Unlimited Class Card (30 day expiration)

  • $90 - 5 Class Card (2 month expiration)

  • $160 - 10 Class Card (4 month expiration)

  • $22 - Drop In

Karma Membership: In exchange for 12 work exchange hours per month (an average of 3 hours per week) your receive a complimentary Monthly Unlimited Autopay Membership!


The shift from Seeker to Teacher is a powerful one; and we want to honor that by giving our staff options that make teaching with us as rewarding as possible!

Our teachers have the option to offer classes on a weekly basis within our sacred walls for either a modest Fixed Base Rate with Bonus Potential, OR at a Generous Percentage Rate.

We offer this option so that teachers who are just starting out can grow with us until they build a following; and so that more advanced teachers, who already have a following, are able to utilize our space in a way that creates the sort of abundance that their work deserves.

If you are interested in offering a weekly class at Devi Collective please reach out to us at


Once we step from the role of Teacher toward Healer we sometimes realize we can be of better service by working one-on-one or with a private group.

For this reason we have set up options where you can utilize our space to better serve the needs of your students & clients. Those who only need the space on occasion have the option to simply rent our healing room or studio by the hour. However, as healers we know that sometimes paying by the hour for space can really add up. So we have curated a few options for you...

Healer Space Holder Packages:

Studio by the hour: $45
Healing Room by the hour: $35

  • Healing Room 5 Pack // $144 (2 Month Expiration)

  • Studio 5 Pack // $200 (2 Month Expiration)

  • Humble Space Holder Monthly Auto Pay // $108 (3 Month Commitment) :: 5 Monthly Healing Hours

  • Vibrant Space Holder Monthly Auto Pay // $222 (3 month Commitment) :: 8 Healing Room Hours + 2 Studio Hours

  • Premium Space Holder Monthly Auto Pay // $333 (6 Month Commitment) :: 10 Healing Room Hours + 4 Studio Hours

To set up a Space Holder Agreement with Devi Collective reach out to us at

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